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Dear JC Students,

• Have you been occupied with the SYF or Sports season?
• Worried about not being able to catch up in class?
• Need more practice questions that are frequently asked in
• Wish to improve your current grades?

We are designing a 12-hour GP Revision Programme to be held before your mid-year GP paper to help you prepare for your upcoming exams and ace them despite missing lessons in school! If your recent GP tests results in school are rather disappointing, you are strongly advised to join our revision programme!

Organic Chemistry requires a lot of time and practice, for sure. For some extra help to consolidate your knowledge in select Organic Chemistry topics, join our 2-day May modules! These lessons will boost your confidence in Chemistry so that you can ace your exams!

Find out more about these modules by checking out the links below or giving us a ring!

At this moment, we are designing an intensive revision cum crash course to be held during 30th May – 30th June of 2015. This is the most opportune time to accelerate your learning pace and we hope to provide you with the necessary ‘boost’ for this Mid-year.
For students who already have home tuition help, you are still welcomed to join our short term holiday courses with different skill-set approach.
If your recent test results in school are rather disappointing, you are strongly advised to join our revision programme for your weaker subjects.

Latest Events

2015 May
  Clementi Novena Eunos
Revision JC2 JC2 JC2

2015 June
  Clementi Novena Eunos
Revision JC2 | JC1 JC2 | JC1 JC2 | JC1

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At Grade Builder, we understand that results are built on intensive coaching and individual attention. That’s why we make it our personal passion to nurture individuals with tremendous energy, motivation and drive.

With the help of our academically talented tutors, our tuition programmes are carefully designed to meet your specific needs and expectations.

We invite you to meet and collaborate with
us in enhancing your grades and provide
us with the opportunity to bring you to
greater heights.